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Portosalvo Parish

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The church of St. Mary of Portosalvo was built by the Bourbons: started in 1854 on a Quaranta project, engineer with the laying of the cornerstone chaired by the Bishop of Ischia Felice Romano and King Ferdinand II, was completed in 1856. The church, whose statement consists of two floors, comes with a Latin cross plan with three naves, decorated on the outside by a peristyle greek style. There are three large paintings, oil on canvas, the Neapolitan school of the nineteenth century that hang above the three altars. What more, it belongs to Vincenzo De Angelis, and represents St. Mary Portosalvo led by SS. Trinity and in the newly opened door. On the left, yet De Angelis, the representation of S. Jude the Christ (1855) while, at right, the painting depicts the Baptist S. Santoro Francis of Paola (1886), which together with other monks are laid on a coat while crossing the Strait of Messina. Notably, in the lower left of the canvas, the figure of a young man: a portrait of Francis II, last king of Naples. Since 1886 is the image of "Mary., Refuge of Sinners", which featured Marian devotion

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