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About Orizzonti Blu Ischia Diving

Centro Orizzonti Blu, housed in modern and welcoming locals, offers dinghy of 8.5 metres, a boat set up to ensure the best conditions of comfort and safety of the divers and their guide.
Positioned directly in the harbour of Ischia, with boarding only 15 meters from Diving, and just a few steps from the most important commercial, hotels, recreation and Wellness, Orizzonti Blu Ischia Diving Ischia offers guided Diving, equipment rental, charging cylinders, courses at all levels.
Orizzonti Blu staff bases its activities on high standards of safety, cutting edge technology and highly-qualified staff always update, with us you can immerse yourself in rich flora and fauna, in the heart of the protected marine Area " Regno di Nettuno ", and travel in history and take in the archaeological Area of Naples (sunken city from the Bay).
The spirit in which we dive and we hold our courses is to convey the love of the sea and the rules to be respected to enjoy these beauties!
The main dive sites:
• Formiche di Vivara (Vivara)
• San Pancrazio
• Punta Pizzico (Procida)
• Punta Solchiamo (Procida)
• Secca delle Triglie
• Scoglio della Nave
• Secca delle Torri
• Le Linee di Forio
• Parete di Sant’Angelo
• Porto Giulio (Area Archeologica - Pozzuoli - NA)
• I Mosaici (Area Archeologica - Pozzuoli - NA)
• Villa dei Pisoni (Area Archeologica - Baia – NA)
• Relitto Doris (Napoli)
• Mammutones ( Nisida – NA)
• Secca di Miseno (Miseno – NA)
• Scoglio del Cannone (Miseno – NA)
We recommend reservations for groups or individual persons in specific diving
Open all year round!
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Aperto tutto l'anno Open all year round
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Ischia - 80077
Via iasolino, 86/a
+39 3404259162
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