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Church of S. Giuseppe

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The first document that represents the existence of the holy place dates back to 1712.
In 1883 the earthquake severely damaged the temple, but the religious services continued to be regularly performed, after restoration works.
In 1966 the old church, perhaps judged unsafe and too narrow to accommodate the increased population of the mud, it was completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. It was reopened for worship after three years, held a solemn liturgical function of the clergy of Lacco Ameno.
The church now presents itself to visitors without too arty. The facade, devoid of decorative trim and gable ends with a curved string course. The entrance is marked by a beautiful eighteenth-century portal in lava rock.
On the right stands a clock tower and three bells, made in 1973, the interior has a nave and pentagonal.
The works of art: wooden statue of St. Joseph of the eighteenth century, a painting by Eugene Saviano (1970), statue of Santa Rita, 800 print, oil painting of the painter Mario Mazzella Ischia.
Mappa della Chiesa di San Giuseppe


Address: Loc.Fango
City Hall: 80076 - Lacco Ameno
Holy Masses hours: sun 8:30 - 17:30, hol. 18:00
Parroco: Don Carlo Busiello
Bus lines: 4 - 14


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