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Church of San Ciro al Ciglio

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The ancient church, called the Chapel of St. James and Assumption, but better known under the name of St. Ciro, was built in 1661, to devotion to Augustine Iacono. It was granted the patronage of the Impagliazzo family. The old chapel, in whose basement there was a mass grave of the dead, was destroyed by the earthquake of 1883, so the present church is recent, having been rebuilt at the end of '800. While retaining the old name, is called the Church of St. Cyrus, because it is the oldest island in which we honor this saint. Upon entering, we note that has two altars, and a valuable painting of the Assumption, which is the ancient altar, the statues of St. Cyrus and eighteenth-century statue of the Assumption and St. James.
Since 2005, ongoing restoration of the Church in this image is possible to revise the stone façade was built in 800 as well as green.
Mappa della Chiesa di San Ciro al Ciglio


Address: loc. Ciglio
City Hall: 80070 - Serrara Fontana
Holy Masses hours: hol. 9:30
Parroco: Don Angelo Iacono
Bus lines: 11 - 9 - CD - CS


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