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Small Church of Sant' Anna

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The church of St. Anna dates back to the first half of the sixteenth century and was built almost on the sea. Until the thirties of this century, the island families made pilgrimages in Ischia by boat on July 26, on the occasion of the celebration of St. Anna, to honor the saint and go for then a picnic. The term ‘small church’ is somewhat inappropriate, it is located just across the Aragonese Castle, before the Tower of Michelangelo, it consists simply of a small chapel, built where once was the cemetery of Ischia, containing an altar and a statue of the Holy that in the folk tradition is the patron of pregnant women.
To reach the island throughout the year there are only two ways: by sea or through an alley behind the church of Our Lady of Carmine, loc. Cappella.
Coinciding with the celebration of St. Anne, which occurs on July 26, accessible also via the road that leads to the Tower of Michelangelo, through a gate opened specially for the occasion, while this route is impractical for the rest of the year with the opening of the Tower of Michelangelo or of Guevara.

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