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Church of Sant' Anna

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The first document which mentions the existence of the church of San Rocco (and congregation of St. Anna) is a deed of 1542. Before the earthquake of July 28, 1883, the church was formed by eight arches, barrel ceiling with stucco, a bowl-shaped dome surmounting the altar.
The renovations began in 1884 and extends until 1889, so the church was reopened for worship. In 1960 a strong storm that hit the island, damaged the supporting structures of the church, with the risk of collapse. Don Vincenzo Scotti completed the necessary renovations. Don Vincenzo in 1974 gave the church a neighboring land to build the premises for the nursery and then in 1976 began the construction of the tower and the renovation of the facade.
Today the church consists of a single aisle, to the left of the entrance is a niche with a statue of Sant'Aniello. Following the entrance of the sacristy, surmounted by an unknown author, depicting the Madonna and Child, a carved wooden statue of San Rocco in 1925. Two paintings depicting an eighteenth-century San Rocco and the other St. Francis of Assisi. Cona is in the precious marble altar, dated 1766, from the house De Siano. At the bottom of cona is a precious painting of the seventeenth century depicting St. Anne, St. Joseph and Our Lady girl dated 1628.

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