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San Gaetano

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The most interesting part of the Church is made up of the façade: it has a shape that narrows upward to the presence of spurs on the lateral sides. Elevated above the road surface, it can be reached through a double flight of stairs. The portal is of gray stone and is surmounted by a triangular pediment. It has a gable with pinnacles of gray stone Gothic inspiration and a splayed window with rounded corners, in baroque style. The sixth floor dome, which rises on a cylindrical drum, around which there are four windows. It has a Latin cross plan with a large transept, with a single aisle. It has a domed top surface and a vaulted roof with a barrel vault with lunettes. The church was built with stones of tuff masonry with painted plaster. It has a stucco decoration in Baroque style.

Historical Info

It was founded in the seventeenth century by sailors and fishermen of Forio and the sea renovated in 1857, retaining the original lines outside. The inner part is also visible in baroque architecture, occurred in the eighteenth century. The early church was dedicated to Maria di Portosalvo and St. Gaetano, but after the sanctification of the latter, the Church changed its name to Church of St. Gaetano and S. Mary Portosalvo.
Mappa della Chiesa di San Gaetano


Address: Piazza Medaglia d’Oro
City Hall: 80075 - Forio
Foundation Age: XVII
Date: 1655
Holy Masses hours: Novena at6:00
Priest: Don Francesco Piro
Bus lines: 1 - 14 - 2 - CD - CS

Objets d'art


  • Madonna con Bambino unknown author
  • Addolorata unknown author
  • S. Giovanni unknown authorautore ignoto
  • Madonna con Bambino unknown author
  • S. Vincenzo Ferrerunknown author
  • S. Giuseppe con Bambino unknown author
  • Gloria della Vergine con S. Gaetano e S. Francesco Saverio by Di Spigna Alfonso
  • S. Giuseppe della Croce by Di Spigna Alfonso
  • S. Gaetano implora la protezione della Vergine su Forio unknown author


  • Crocifisso unknown author


  • Decorated with leafy unknown author


  • Floor unknown author


  • Decoration unknown author



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