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Di Lustro Filippo

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Filippo di Lustro, forian by birth, lived continuously in Naples, where he had attended college, majoring in Law. President of the Club of Portici, Di Lustro collaborating with some leading figures in the events of that extraordinary decade of the century: Carlo Lauberg, who would become head of the Provisional Government of the Neapolitan Republic of '99, and the young Vincenzo Galiani and Emanuele De Deo.

All together participated in the conspiracy against the Bourbons of '94, which failed, was drowned in blood. Filippo Di Lustro, eluding justice Bourbon fled his native island. To protect him the wilderness was Epomeo, which provided safe and impenetrable havens. For several days he waited for the opportune moment to continue the flight, until one night, could not embark luckily Lacco Ameno on a boat that took him to Civitavecchia. From the port of Lazio, the man reached Liguria, where, in Oneglia, the current Imperia, was founded a republic pro-French, of which was president Filippo Buonarroti, fine intellectual and revolutionary Jacobin. There, he held roles Di Lustro significant responsibility in the administration of the republic, winning the confidence and esteem of Buonarroti. The stay in Oneglia, lasted only a few months. Just one year later, when it was lifted presidential term to Buonarroti, Di Lustro decided, along with Michelangelo himself, moving to France, to Paris, where he continued with greater intensity his political activities with the program of Babeuf, the "Manifesto of equals" which claimed that the principle of equality in social and economic of the French State.
After the capture and death of Babeuf, Di Lustro chose to join the army of Napoleon, where he attained the rank of Commissioner of War. With Napoleon's army took part in the Egyptian campaign and there, on July 25, 1799 he died fighting the Turks at Aboukir.
(Source: Center for historical research of Amber)

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