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Erasmo di Lustro

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Erasmo Di Lustro was born in Forio in 1823. Young he takes part into the Franciscan Order of the Friars Minor Observant, under the name of Father Giuseppe from Forio. Excellent speaker, with a fervent passion for politics, did not hide his liberal sympathies, against the Bourbons. Ideals that are its flag after the escape of the Spanish rulers. He targets the mass explaining the need to give the necessity to annex Rome to the rest of Italy. His thought and its ways attract the sympathy of Giuseppe Garibaldi, but cause many problems with the church hierarchy, who see in the priest a rebellion against the Pope Dismissed from the Order, including the name of baptism, of Erasmo Di Lustro and has been teaching in a private school in Naples, where he engages in deep humanities. In 1873 he returned to Forio and take part in disputes related to local politics. In recent years, lives a retreat, focusing on private and literary studies.
He died on January 4, 1898.

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