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Personaggi storici ospiti dal 1800 ad oggi

Friedrich Pecht

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Pittore, nel suo noto libro SUDFRUCHTE racconta il suo soggiorno ad Ischia. Pecht disse che Forio ed Ischia erano poco visitate da stranieri, a lui piacevano molto i dittorni di Forio. La popolazione la trovava molto più gentile dei Napoletani e ci andava molto d'accordo.

Ernest Willkomm

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Writer, he had become famous for his novel"DIE EUROPAMUDEN". He came to Ischia in 1846, he found, he said, a good reception decent food and housing not too expensive. It was January when he rode via Fiaiano towards the summit and from there enjoyed a great panorama of breath he said, "embrace at a glance the big three beautiful bays of Gaeta, Naples and Salerno".

Ernest Renan

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He came to Ischia three times, he was a scholar and a connoisseur of semantic languages and cultures. He was in the hope that the hot springs of Casamicciola could release his arthritic pain that tormented him. He said that the place was charming, easy life, and believed that the bathrooms were really effective against rheumatic pains.

Ernest Haeckel - Hermann Allmers

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Haeckel had a bachelor's degree at the age of 25, he wanted to know the marine world. In June of 1859 Allmers know, a poet of East Frisia and landowner, and the two toured the island. Some of their trips were: on 'Epomeo offering a wonderful view on Mount Tabor with equally hot springs, Forio that drew Africa for his constructions.

Crauford Tait Ramage

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He came to Ischia in February 1828, he came to Ischia where he stayed. Unfortunately there was an earthquake and Ramage, in his diary published in 1868, describes the damage and the cries of the poor people, they returned to Naples and informed of what the British colony, so were aid from Naples.

Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg

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Professor at the University of Berlin, came to Ischia and lived in the Piccola Sentinella and from here ran the island and from there it was interested in the animal and plant kingdoms of the hot springs. At a news conference, which was held at the Prussian Academy spoke on the forces of Piazza Bagni in Casamicciola, hot water that flows and oozes in different areas in the Valle del Tamburo and on the rocky walls of a hole of the same and that breaks the rock in clay mass.

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