From Romans to the Middle Ages

The most important document for the planning history of the island in the sixteenth century is the plant's Cartaro (1586), where, despite the brevity of the incision, Ischia is defined in its essential parts.
Drafted in the attached text Giulo Jasolino "De Remedi Naturali", dedicated to spa treatments Ischia, the paper proposes a systematic illustration of the weather situation: the printer, for though he meant to point out, exaggerating the size for this purpose, places rich in sources and links between them, secured by a complex network of public roads, many of which remain, even today, their original route, not to omit ~ to represent the complex topography and settlements. The incision has documentary value, "because it offers a toponymic panorama completely renovated: at the east side there is “Ischia civitas", a name which unites both the main town on the rock of the Castle that the dense built up area which extends on the opposite coast .

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