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The port of Casamicciola is located to the north of the island of Ischia and is protected by two piers: breakwater dock shaped three-arm with a crank and a pier.


Danger:pay attention to the undertow and winds at the entrance because is very exposed to the open sea.
opening: always
Access: pay attention to the ships and hydrofoil, both incoming and outgoing; keep strictly to the straight and go slowly (maximum speed of 3 knots).
Cards I.I.M.: n. 914, 9, 10, 129, 82
Portolano del Mediterraneo: P4: pag. 71.
Coordinates: CASAMICCIOLA - I. D'ISCHIA 40°45',07 N 13°54',73 E
N. places for boat: 275 including 10 for transit
Overall length: mt. 90
List of lights: part I: pag. 180
Headlights and taillights: 2386 (E 1606) - Green flashing light 4 sec., range 5 M scale, set back about 20 m from the end of reef breakwater; 2386.2 (E 1606.2) - fixed red light beacon range 2 M, the head of the pier breakwater (keep at least 20 m from the beacon).
Bed: sandy.
Floors: at the dock from 0.50 to 5 m.
Radio: Vhf channel 09 Cala degli Aragonesi - vhf channel 08 Marina di Casamicciola.
Winds:I and IV quadrant.
Misfortune: I quadrant.
Close to: II e III quadrant
The nearest safe harbor: bay to the east and west of the port.

Areas reserved to pleasure crafts

Dock in front of sea with floating jetties run by the Aragonese Marinucci (415 m, berths 150);
commercial dock, floating docks and pier, managed by Marina di Casamicciola with 180 places fot boat;
the outer east pier: the company "Eurocharter" mooring with buoys during the summer only.
mappa Porto di Casamicciola Terme


Travel lift  
fire suppression system
Weather Service
Engine repairs  
Electrical repairs  
Rubbish collect
lighting docks

 logo Porto di Casamicciola Terme
Marina di Casamicciola
+39 0815072545
fax +39 081994152
cell: +39 3357597133
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sito Porto di Casamicciola Terme

Marina Di Casamicciola

Radio: vhf canale 08
Places for boat: 180.
Overall length: 90 m.
phone +39 0815072545
fax +39 081994152
booking +39 3357597133
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Cala degli Aragonesi

Radio: vhf channel 09
Places for boat: 150.
Overall length: 20 m.
phone +39 337846220
Tel./ Fax +39 081980686

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