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Plan of Buceto

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The Buceto springThe source Buceto can be considered one of the most interesting hot spring because of the importance of its waters and the best known to most tourists and Ischian people, which still, though much lesser extent than in the past, continue to use it for drinking.
The water comes from the plain of Buceto located at "Rotaro" in the hamlet of Fiaiano town of Barano d'Ischia.
The etymology of the name Buceto varies so much that still remains difficult to go back to the correct meaning. G. Pontano gives the etymology of the name "Abocaetus" for the many birds that crowded the source for drinking, according to Dr. Benedetto Di Meglio, instead the ancients would have called for the shouting Buceto source of water issuing from the mountain.
The source has provided drinking water islandres since past and assured them for a long time, the possibility to perform all activities, the agricultural and those related to daily needs.
Through the Pilastri of the aqueduct was possible to transport the spring water up to Borgo of Celsa, now Ischia Ponte.
In 1580 knight Orazio Tuttavilla, governor of the island of Ischia was commissioned to build an aqueduct who would provide the water needs of the inhabitants of the village of Celsa. He thought of bringing water from the source to Fiaiano. Funded by the people with a strong tax on grain, the work began and ended in 1590, with ups and downs in 1759. In that year they were built two fountains in the square of the village, behind the cathedral in front of which was placed a plaque remembering the event. The source of Buceto at first failed to meet the needs of the population continues to grow until 1800, when the water was no longer sufficient for many applications. In 1853 by Ferdinand II had ordered the construction of an aqueduct that brought water to the military at the Villa dei Bagni "Porto d'Ischia" and the Royal Palace, where on the outer wall of the entrance gate, was erected a public fountain. Three connections allow the supply of water even to the inhabitants of Fiaiano and part of Barano.
Mappa della Piana di Buceto


The Plain Buceto is accessible from several points, including Cretaio, Buttavento (hamlet of Buonopane), Fontana (route to the Epomeo).
Town: 80070 - Barano
Bus lines: 11 - CD - CS - 10 - 6


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