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Il Museo del Contadino

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Il Contadino of Ischia has shaped over the millennia on the isle with the features of lava and tufa stone. It built thousands of kilometers of "parracine", the characteristic dry stone walls of the terraces of land, and still cellars, shelters, storage tanks, and even houses and churches carved into the tufa rock. It made the tools for its "heroic agriculture" ripping the rock pieces of land to cultivate vines.
At Il Contadino of Ischia the D’Ambra Vini, has dedicated a museum where they collected old tools, old "barrels" of wood, the presses of two centuries ago and still photographic evidence of civilization on the island of Ischia dates from the time of Greek rule (VII. C.).
On the walls of the museum are attached some maps of the island with relief aereofotogrammetric date back to 1950s and 1960, giving an idea of the extraordinary expansion of tourism on the island passed from peasant economy to that of spa tourism.

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