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Wood of Frassitelli

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To the South - West of the island, about 600 m above the sea level, in the municipality of Forio, among splendid cliffs and giant summits at the borderline of the greenery of chestnut trees, the wood of Frassitelli rises up. A wood of mid-sized acacia but unique for position and vegetation. whoiever visits it by following the paths that lead you there from the municipality ofg Serrara Fontana or from the other side of the municipality of Forio, one can encounter, if lucky, while climbing by Santa Maria al Monte, the last flock of sheep and goast of the island, a breathtaking panorama, and a luxuriant vegetation. This is suitable for picnincs or splendid summer night camps. Wood of Falanga.
Mappa del Bosco dei Frassitelli


Suitable for those who like long mountain hikes. It's accesible on foot in 45 minutes from the bus spot of the cemetery of Serrara Fontana and 15 minutes if one travels by car and parks at the entrance of the path and then proceeds from the cemetry along the road toward the restaurant il Bracconiere.
From Forio one needs at least two hours to walk and one needs to climb up 400 m of unlevel ground.
Municipality: 80075 - Forio
Flora: Wood of Acacie.
Bus lines: 11 - 9 - CD - CS


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